donderdag 1 september 2011

Quotes van... Wiz Khalifa.

Vorige keer liet ik jullie mooie en leuke quotes zien van Eminem. Ik kreeg de indruk dat jullie het wel leuk vonden en er waren positieve reacties. Daarom besloot ik om het vaker te doen, deze keer over Wiz Khalifa. Ik vind zijn muziek leuk, maar zijn quotes nog leuker! Kijk mee. 

'Always remember, when it comes to love; if you want to have the beautiful rose, you need to accept the thorns around it.' 
'Girls fall in with what they hear, boys fall in love with wath they see. That's why girls wear make-up; and boys lie. 
'You don't have to like me, i'm not a facebook status.'
'Good things come in good time'
'Three things I want in a relationship; eyes that won't cry, lips that won't lie and love that won't die.'

'Time will heal things, but never erase them.'
'Don't ever let a guy make you feel ugly, because, no matter what, you're beautiful, with or without him.'
'It's funny how you can do nice things for people all the time and they never notice. But once you make one mistake, it's never forgotten.'

Wat vind je van deze quotes? En van wie zou jij de volgende keer quotes willen zien?

Liefs, Roos.